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Industry and Infrastructure

Understanding How Cities Grow

Study uses digital processing of archived satellite images to study the growth patterns in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

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Repairing Damaged Industrial Components for Sustainable Industrial Growth

Study proposes an improved additive manufacturing method to restore damaged components

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Cutting into Titanium and its Alloys

Researchers from IIT Bombay are working on methods to ease the machining of titanium through annealing

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Going Green by Reclaiming Green Sand

Researchers develop a highly effective solution for recovering green sand in small and medium foundries.

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Smart Solution for Smartphones?

Anybody who migrates to smart phones soon begins to question the smartness of it all. While batteries lasted a fortnight or so in vanilla mobile phones, a smartphone typically empties the battery in less than a day. Carrying those bulky rechargers is a remedy worse than malady. How do you power your smart phone for days when you are nowhere near a power source?

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